Friday, April 6, 2012

Hear the song of creation, feel the urge to protect

When the sky was like this ..

… I was sitting behind the window, wandering about the future. The worse nightmare I can think up is having to sit inside for our own protection, and having to stare through the window, at the trees leaves flapping and twinkling in the wind, but not being able to feel the touch of the wind on my skin, to hear the rustling of the music of tree and wind, a symphonic melody that ever changes..

when i heard the fantail's sjierping , a wave of sadness struck me. My heart is really soft for all the beautiful and innocent creatures, that have no choice of protecting themselves from our daily harmful doings. They don`t have the options to learn about detoxification, and entering a health food store to get a jar of clorella. Should we start putting little bowls of cholerella-water outside for the birds and other creatures? Do we have to start giving our gardens, trees, forests 'zeolite-treatments'? Dumb sounding ideas of course, but why would we want to survive in a world where in there is no other life left? It is our duty to protect, because we are the ones that have created "koyaanisqatsi" life out of balance
is it too late to restore?

i was inspired by the fantail's song and the wave of desperation to start adding some words to my paintings that might hit a string to who-ever looks at it.. an (other) attempt to get peoples moving

                                          (photo by Rainbow Cat and her two horses)

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  1. Friends...inviting you to Liesbet's art expo on Sat. 13 October. It's in Belgium, not far from Leuven and Brussels...if you happen to be in the vicinity. Cheers Jeff :) Check our main site to see heaps of art, our photo blog links have folders with much more art as well