Saturday, March 3, 2012

Up Over `n Down Under, Interview with Jeff Dolphin Man

Awesome teamwork

Jeff Wefferson is a native of North Carolina, and was based in Colorado for several years before coming 'down under' in 2000, where he's continued his full-spectrum creativity approach to being here now. His on-going educational background is in multi-disciplinary science, including independent research in the psychology of mass-media and communicating with dolphins. He works equally in words visuals and music, has been a still photographer for over 40 years.
He and his partner Liesbet have been travelling around Australia and New Zealand primarily by hitch-hiking for over four years, given away thousands of painted rocks, and have made four films so far. Their latest 'beyond film' is about who the whales and dolphins are as fellow beings.
Jeff spends a lot of time and energy as an 'information activist' networking with friends around the world in an attempt to inspire high-quality reality-based awareness that leads to real changes in our mentality and 'life'-styles.
He works full-time for Mother Nature, and his motto of the 21st century is "Talk is for dictators: Act Now to create a world you love."

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